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Description & Featured Ingredients 

Lemon - Orange - Alkaline Water - Honey - Activated Charcoal - 
Bentonite Clay - Himalayan Sea Salt

Featured Ingredients:
Lemon: Full of Antioxidants + Maintains a Healthy Complexion
Activated Charcoal: Traps Toxins + Chemicals

Do you need to rise from last nights ashes and be reborn? The combination of citrus and activated charcoal is the perfect mix to help you bounce back from a hangover or give your body a gentle detox. With a little honey added to the abundance of citrus this lemon-orange-aid will get you back on track! 

Nutrition Facts

The Phoenix

Bottle Return + Shelf Life

With the purchase of each juice comes a refundable $2.00 bottle deposit.  Return empty bottles to any of our distribution locations to receive your refund. For online orders, leave empty bottles outside the front door for the driver to pick up. The card used at checkout for that delivery will be refunded $2 for each bottle received. 

Every juice has a date printed on the label. The juice is guaranteed to be fresh up to that date as long as it is refrigerated and unopened. Once opened, we recommend drinking within two days.