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Description & Featured Ingredients

Apple - Kale - Spinach - Lemon - Celery 

Featured Ingredients:

Kale:  An A+ Superfood + Packed with B-Complex vitamins

Celery: Clearer Skin + Sustained Energy (+ a million other health benefits)

The perfect blend to charge you up for the day ahead. A bunch of kale and handful of greens in every bottle paired with a few red apples make this classic green juice perfect for first timers and long time juicers alike!

Nutrition Facts

 The Battery

Bottle Return + Shelf Life

With the purchase of each juice comes a refundable $2.00 bottle deposit.  Return empty bottles to any of our distribution locations to receive your refund. For online orders, leave empty bottles outside the front door for the driver to pick up. The card used at checkout for that delivery will be refunded $2.00 for each bottle received. 

Every juice has a date printed on the label. The juice is guaranteed to be fresh up to that date as long as it is refrigerated and unopened. Once opened, we recommend drinking within two days.