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1 Day - The Green Cleanse

1 Day - The Green Cleanse


Have a taste for green juice? This cleanse is for you! The cleanse contains a variety of our green juices only which means that the juices are (mostly) vegetable dense. This green cleanse helps you to detox while giving you all the benefits of ingesting lots of greens.

We include a mix of the following green juices in your cleanse:

1x [ the OMG ]

1x [ the battery ]

1x [ the hulk ]

1x [ the stalk ]

2x [ the boss ]

1 day = 6 Juices = $60 + $12 refundable deposit

Your Cleanse Delivery

Visit our Delivery Schedule page to see when your area receives deliveries.

Please note: If no one is home to receive the juice, leave a cstokeooler outside the front door. We will fill the cooler with your order and ice to guarantee your juice stays fresh! If you have any empty bottles, leave those by the front door as well. Our delivery driver will credit your account $2 for each bottle received. Thank you!

Bottle Return

Help us be more sustainable by returning your bottles. This product has an additional $12 bottle deposit that will be added at your cart. Return empty bottles to any of our distribution locations or at Farmers Markets to receive your refund. Or placing another home delivery order? Leave your bottles on your front step and we will be sure to pick them up and issue your refund. The card used at checkout for that delivery will be refunded $2.00 for each bottle received. 

Every juice has a date printed on the label. The juice is guaranteed to be fresh up to that date as long as it is refrigerated and unopened. Once opened, we recommend drinking within two days.