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We are Stoke, a cold pressed juicery based near Austin, Texas. In addition to our juices being fresh, they are always 100% organic! 

The juice in each of our bottles is made with the most fresh, local, and organic produce we can get our hands on. We strive to bring our customers the most nutrient dense juice possible and we are very passionate about making a safe, unpasteurized juice. The FDA requires juice to meet stringent safety requirements (by requiring a 5 log reduction of microorganisms) in order for us to offer our juice wholesale to wonderful people like you. However, the typical forms of achieving that 5 log reduction involve HPP processing which uses either high pressure or high heat temperatures to break down harmful bacteria. When juice is HPP'd it also breaks down the nutrients and leaves a less nutrient dense product. We decided that wasn't aligned with our standards for quality and chose to search out other options. We found a less invasive but equally safe option, light filtration. By using light filtration we are able to bring you the most nutrient dense juice possible and meet the FDA requirements, it's a win win! 

Turns out we get excited about a few things around here and staying committed to minimizing our environmental impact and conducting all our operations in a way that supports the environment is really important to us. You'll notice that all of our glass bottles are reused and fully refundable. We also try to use "imperfect" produce that may not sell in grocery stores due to visual imperfections to help cut down on food waste.

The farmers we source our products from share our values about using organic ingredients and processes. We are also proud to say our ingredients are all fair trade. We hope you choose to partner with us, we are always stoked to bring more juicy goodness to a new location!


The Stoke Team

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Get to know us

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- Stoke's cold pressed juice
- The benefits
- Our produce

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- UV Light Filtered Juice Collection

Get to know us

so What's Cold pressed mean?

The cold pressed technique of juicing allows us to juice our produce without producing excessive heat during the process. When heat is produced during the juicing process it can lead to oxidation and the breakdown of enzymes and nutrients reducing the nutritional content. 

Why did we create Stoke?

The simple answer is to make you feel your best! Whether you're looking to support your immune system, recover from a workout, incorporate specific vitamins into your diet, or simply enjoy something refreshing, our juices are designed to offer you numerous health benefits. We have designed each recipe with a different goal in mind and with up to 3lbs of fruit and vegetables in each 16oz bottle to ensure you get a megadose of nutrients. Basically, we just want to make your life better! 

The benefits

Drinking a cold pressed juice is like eating 2-3lbs of fruits and vegetables in a sitting (that's a lot of food)! The nutrients are also easily absorbed into your body because your intestines don't have to work to extract the juice from the fiber of the produce. Allowing your digestive system to have a short break can allow it to heal and repair. 

Our produce

We are committed to only using fruits and vegetables that are always organic and sourced as locally as possible. We manage to squish a lot of produce into each bottle making it incredibly important that we use organic ingredients so you don't consume a concentrated mix of harmful pesticides and chemicals. It's also really important for us to support organic farms because herbicides and pesticides leach into water sources that can then affect wildlife and our drinking water. 


Get to know the juices

We’re committed to sharing knowledge and education about our blends with you, your team and your customers. Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We are happy to bring you samples so you and your team can taste our blends.

Ordering details

We offer guaranteed sale, meaning that we’ll buy back all unsold juice from the previous weeks delivery. Doing so allows us to keep your display looking full to optimize sales and allows you to have peace of mind that you won't lose a $1 while working with us. We handle the orders for you, but always welcome feedback on the most requested juice or those that don't move as quickly during the week. 
Please note that there is a $2.00 deposit on each of our bottles that is fully refundable when the customer returns the bottle to you (or any retailer). Stoke will issue you a credit for each bottle returned and pick them up weekly when we restock you with fresh juice. 

Display & Storage

We find that people are generally attracted to the color of the juices and displays that allow the juice to be seen or picked up by the customer allow for the best sales (rather than a sign showing the flavors).

We ask that the temperature of the cooler be between 32F and 42F for the juice at all times. 


Stoke will invoice you each time we drop off the juice. We have a couple of options for payment. You can pay each invoice net 30, making sure to take into consideration the credit memo. Or, you can pay the monthly statement net 15.
Wholesale accounts can make payments either by check made payable to Stoke USA LLC, or by credit card on file.

Pricing & Application



16oz Juices: $7.25 + $2.00 bottle deposit


16oz Juices: $10.00 + $2.00 bottle deposit


[ the b.a.l.m. ]


  • Tastes like a beet lemonade.
  • Great to drink before a workout.
  • Beet offers a high iron content.
  • Mint aids in relieving indigestion.

[ the battery ]


  • Our most popular green juice - a traditional green blend that's a perfect balance of fruits & veggies.
  • Kale and spinach offers antioxidants, calcium and iron.
  • Energy boosting.

[ the blush]


  • Great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, manganese and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Enhanced Antioxidant Activity: Both rose water and raspberries are rich in antioxidants, combining them may boost overall antioxidant protection in the body, which is beneficial for reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Digestive Aid: Rose water can aid digestion and relieve symptoms of bloating and upset stomach when consumed.

[ the hulk ]


  • The pears offer this blend a sweet flavor topped off with a kick of ginger at the end.
  • Pears are high in essential antioxidants.
  • Ginger helps to soothe the digestive system.

[ the peak ]


  • This juice is one of our most popular blends. The apple and pineapple offer a sweet flavor and the added lime lends a tang at the end.
  • Blue-green algae is high in antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory, we like to call this blend our perfect post-exercise recovery drink.

[ the phoenix ]


  • This is our version of a lemonade with some orange added for a little extra flavor.
  • The activated charcoal & bentonite clay makes this blend the perfect gentle detox.

[ the Shield ]


  • Looking to shield your immune system? This blend was designed to be your everyday immune support beverage!
  • The citrus fruits are rich in vitamins while turmeric has shown to be a natural anti-inflammatory compound.

[ the warrior ]


  • The spicy blend is topped off with a little honey to smooth out the flavor from the ginger and cayenne. 
  • Feel a little sniffle coming on? This is the perfect blend to help your immune system fight anything coming on! 
  • Packed with Turmeric, this juice is also a great anti-inflammatory.