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Take a deep-dive into detoxification and nourishment.

We think a cold-pressed juice cleanse can be an important part of your wellness journey. Cleanses can inspire significant shifts towards a clean, plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to hit the refresh button on your whole body and take a deep-dive into detoxification and nourishment, we can hook you up with a juice cleanse. While they usually eliminate solid food for their duration, our cleanses definitely aren’t about deprivation: they are a full feast of easily-absorbed nutrients.

We have thoughtfully created two levels of juice cleanses. You can order each in a one day, three day, or a five day package. Each of the cleanses contain 6 juices per day. The more advanced the cleanse the more vegetable dense juice you'll receive. 

Please note that we require 48 hours for all cleanse orders to be filled. This is so you get the freshest juice possible delivered to your door.  

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level 1 Cleanse 

This is our cleanse that is best-suited for beginners or first-time cleansers. It has some of our sweeter, more fruit-dense juices for a pop of natural sugars and tons of vitamins, and when available may contain nut mylks. This is a great option to find balance and harmony in your body.

level 1 Cleanse 

level 2 Cleanse

This is our most advanced cleanse, and is made up of our most vegetable-dense  juices. This cleanse is a deep-dive into the detoxification process, and will work hard to purify your body from the inside out. Each one of our juices is cold-pressed with care, just for you!

level 2 Cleanse
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Our detox package is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time and space for a full juice cleanse, which can require extra rest and relaxation. When you’ve got a full schedule but still want to make time to nourish and detoxify your body, we can hook you up with the Detox.

We have thoughtfully created two levels of juice detoxes, which contain three nutrient-dense juices for three days, added to a healthy, clean diet. Meaning that you can tackle your full schedule while still treating yourself to some deep nourishment. Simple as that.

Your detox package will come with a total of 9 juices, each labeled in order for the 3 days!

This is our detox that is best-suited for beginners. It has some of our sweeter, more fruit-dense juices for a pop of natural sugars and tons of

Check out the Beginner Detox

This detox is a little more advanced. It includes more green, veggie-dense juices to aid in elimination, and still has a few fruit-based juices.

Check out the Advanced Detox

Why Celery Detox? Celery has incredible health benefits from clearer skin and improved digestion to less bloating and sustained energy. A one day celery juice cleanse includes 6 juices but feel free to split that over a couple of days and eat a clean diet to help sustain your busy lifestyle. 

Read about it at Medical MediumCheck out the Celery Juice Detox
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Like it a lot? Try a subscription!

Yep, we’ll bring you a customized selection of Stoke juices directly to your door or to your workplace, to save you time and money! We ask you to let us know which are your favourite juices and we bring you an assortment of that selection. We can't promise one of each as we like to make them fresh for you and we can only make so many batches per day! 

Sign up for a minimum of one month, and you’ll get some sweet discounts on the juices of your choice. Interested in two or three months? Contact us and we will give you the low down.